Air pollution affects human health

Do you think you are inhaling the fresh air, probably everyone knows the answer to this question? The air is filled with compounds that can affect human health.

No one can be blamed for this the human activities polluted the air and make them into poor quality. As the year grows the air pollution also getting increased and this reflects the harmful effects in human health.

Some of the studies reveal that the short term effects of air pollution seen in the peoples but when they have affected with some other illness the priory it takes them to death.

Several studies were going among the topic of air pollution that is to identify the harmful effects of air pollution on human health.

Simultaneously the treatment for their harmful effects is also developing by the researchers and they try to find the solution for air pollution. At the same time, the government has taken several measures to control the air pollution side by side.

affects human health

Even though the measures have been taken by the government side, the air suspended particles are increasing day today and that increases cardiovascular and respiratory problems infected cases.

The air is the basic necessary thing for life, without inhaling the air anyone cannot survive in this world. When a human lives in the pollution-free environment that is the time they are leading a better and healthy life.

No one imagines that air pollution becoming one of the reasons for millions of deaths that occurs worldwide.

General people don’t know how their health is getting affected due to air pollution that they are exposed to.

The air suspends can affect your organs and functions of the body too and some of those consequences are mentioned below, go head to know more about air pollution.

air pollution

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Respiratory problems
  • Headaches, nausea, and anxiety
  • Irritation in throat, nose, and eyes
  • Nervous system damage

They also can affect your reproductive system, especially the urban peoples who are mostly exposed to inhale the harmful air than the villagers.

The main reasons for air pollution are due to an increase in transport modes, burning of fossil fuels, and emission of harmful gases from the chemical industries.

Final words

As a human being, you have to know the effects of air pollution on plants and animals and that helps you in taking the safety measures from your side to protect yourself during exposure to the outside environment.