Plastic deposition in the ocean increases by 2050

The level of pollution accumulation is getting increasing on comparing day today and this is not good news for any of the living creatures.

You cannot even think about the bad refection of this pollution in humans and animal creatures.

Everything in the universe is getting polluted and one among that is overly polluted is marine. Not only the chemical suspension polluting the ocean, but there is also another big problem that chemical accumulation that is plastic.

Everyone knows plastic usage is not good for the environment because it cannot be decomposed organically but still their usage is increasing and getting sediment in the ocean layers.

Day to day the sedimentation of plastic in the ocean is increasing and now about 40% of plastic is recorded in the ocean surface, so probably the plastic will be in the ocean in 2050 reaches up to 60%.

This is not the good news, the reflection on the ocean creatures are unimaginable. It is expected that the weight of the plastic deposition by 2050 is out weight the fish in the ocean.

This plastic pollution shows the deadly effects on ocean wildlife directly and indirectly. Due to plastic contamination in oceans thousands of sea birds, fishes, turtles, seals, and mammalian animals are getting infected and killed each year.

As a result, in the future, most of the sea wildlife are announced as endangered spices, even now most of the wildlife is said to be the endangered spices because these plastic litters have eaten those animals by their deposition.

The majority of people don’t have the idea that plastic deposition in the ocean also affects human life indirectly.

plastic deposition in the ocean

In this case, to handle all these issues the government has taken so many measures to control marine plastic pollution.

When the sea fishes eat the plastic contaminated foods, the plastic enters the food chain to the bigger fish. In this case, when people used to consume these fishes it gets incorporated inside the intestine of the human and animals. This not gives you good result and that will be reflected in human health issues.

But still some of the microbes that keeps the ocean clean through decomposing the plastics in the ocean but their population is very less.

Final verdicts

Without the help of the public nothing can be achieved by the government even though they have implemented several measures to control the plastic pollution in the ocean.